Admin assistant for trades | Accounts, payroll & more

The smart way to tackle your to-do list!

You probably didn’t get into business because you love doing admin and the accounts. Let My Smart Office be your admin assistant and take care of the tasks you don’t like, are too busy to do or that keep you awake at night. Then you'll have time to focus on growing your business, spending time with your family or playing a round of golf!



While all the tasks on your list have to be done, they don’t all have to be done by you.



With My Smart Office as your admin assistant, you can change the way you manage your workload. We can:

  • take tasks off your to-do list so you can focus on growing your business or having a better work/life balance and spending quality time with those who are important to you
  • keep on top of your bookkeeping, invoicing and credit control to improve your cashflow and profitability
  • set up systems and processes so you can get more done in less time


Leave the management of your accounts to us. Project reconciliation and knowing your business numbers is critical to the success of any business; let us do the 'heavy lifting' for you. We’ll send invoices, valid payment claims, reconcile accounts, follow up overdue payments, prepare and file GST returns and more. 



We’ll streamline your admin processes to save you time and keep you organised. Leave us to manage your database, compile quotes, proofread and format professional documents, presentations, client proposals and contracts, as well as anything else you need.



Reduce your risk and keep your staff happy by making sure they’re always paid the right amount, on time. We’ll process your payroll and manage all your obligations including KiwiSaver, PAYE, student loan repayments, sick leave and annual leave.



Undertake an analysis in the areas of HR and Health & Safety, and review your current exposure with insurances and contracts. We can help ensure that if the unexpected happens, you and your business are well covered and your business can get back on track, with minimal disruption.

Meet Amanda

Amanda is one of those organised people who manages to keep a lot of balls in the air. Before starting My Smart Office she juggled working a corporate job, running a successful residential building company with her husband, Bryce, and being a mum. Now you can have her expertise in customer communication, sales and marketing, bookkeeping and administration, working for your business. Make sure to follow us on Facebook.

Work with us:

Step 1 - Review

Let's chat about your business, the tasks you dislike, and look at your current admin systems. 

Step 2 - Options

Whether you know where to start or you need guidance, let's discuss your priorities, options, and business goals.

Step 3 - Start!

Reduce your to-do list. Agree on an action plan and let us start implementing the tasks for you. 




 More freedom!

Less time worrying about your business!