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Your rescue plan: our expert paperwork management tips

While it can be tedious and time-consuming, staying on top of your admin will help your business run smoothly and reduce your stress levels. If you feel like you’re drowning in paperwork, follow these handy tips.


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1. Make a schedule

Get in the habit of using a calendar to block out time across your week, and get the most important things done first. If you’re a morning person, get the heavy work done early and leave more basic tasks for later in the day. Make sure to always stick to your schedule unless something urgent crops up.

2. Set boundaries & stay focused

It’s impossible to be really productive if you’re constantly being interrupted. Let your team know you’re not available to them at certain times, and organise for someone else take any client calls. Don’t let yourself be distracted by incoming emails and messages either – turn your notifications off and deal with them once you’re done.


3. Prioritise important tasks

Take control by making a list of everything you need to get done, including your daily, weekly and monthly tasks. If you’re old school, carry a notebook, or try an app like Nebo that lets you convert to text, colour code, insert and erase easily. Set priorities based on each task’s importance, urgency and where they fit with your business and personal goals. While you may need to adjust your list as issues crop up or priorities change, the ultimate goal is to break the cycle of procrastination, missed deadlines and last-minute rushes.


4. Learn to delegate

While everything on your to-do list needs to get done, it doesn’t all have to be done by you! While you may want to stay in control, or think it’s quicker to do it yourself, effective delegation helps build a stronger, more resilient team. Think about which repetitive tasks can be passed on, and who has the expertise or potential to get the job done. Don’t rule out hiring an experienced bookkeeper or virtual assistant, especially if your time is better spent focusing on managing staff or growing your business.


5. Avoid burnout

When you own a business, it can be challenging to settle on a healthy work-life balance. Even when there’s a lot to take care of at work, you still need to look after yourself, take care of your family and handle your responsibilities at home. When you’re making your schedule, allow time for exercise and relaxation to reduce stress, help prevent burnout and make you more productive.


6. Reward yourself

If, despite your best intentions, you’re still struggling for motivation, reward yourself for completing a task, meeting a deadline or reaching a target. It’s a powerful way to boost productivity and motivate you to complete those tasks that don’t really appeal.

When you’re in business, admin is just one of those repetitive jobs that has to be done. Use technology to automate tasks and remember to ask for help when you need it. Don’t let that pile of untouched paperwork stress you out. Sit down, turn off your phone and get started!



Amanda is a regular contributor to NZCB's InHouse magazine

This article featured in the February/March 2024 issue.


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